Beautiful facts about Buckingham palace you never knew

Buckingham palace

1)The Buckingham palace was bombed no less than nine times during World War II.
2)It’s easy to tell if the Queen is home…by Just looking at the flag!
The Buckingham palace flies the Royal Standard when she is in, and the Union Flag when the Queen is not in. The same applies when you find the Royal Standard flag fluttering from Victoria Tower at the Palace of Westminster; this heralds of the Queen’s presense in Parliament.
3) Over 800 members of staff live in the Buckingham palace, this includes a flagman, fendersmith and clockmaker. About the clockmaker, there is much to do as Buckingham palace has about 350 clocks.
4) The grand Ballroom is not just all ballrooms and banquet halls, there is also a post office, police station, doctor’s surgery, cinema and pool too.
5) There are underground tunnels through the Buckingham palace that link to nearby street. On one of Her Majesty, The Queen Mother and King George VI excursion throught the tunnel, they met a man from Newcastle, who was living long ago in Buckingham palace.

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