Discover the wonders of Obangogo Hill in Kaba, Kogi State, Nigeria.

The Kabba community is made up of the Yoruba people of Kogi State, who speak Owe as their dialect. Like most other ethnic groups, the Kabba people have a story. History has it that the community came into existence as a result of migration to escape the incisive Slave raids and other activities of Nupe Warriors who invaded the entire Okun land about three hundred years ago, killing and maiming all within their reach. Chances of escape were slim for the victims as they ran for their dear lives to anywhere they could find refuge. In their distress, they discovered the Obangogo hill which proved for them a place of refuge during this period in their history.

Obangogo hill

The people hid in and around the hills, and from there, organized to defend themselves. With better preparation, they launched attacks against the Nupes and won many battles. Respite came after the battles and the question of going back to their original land came up. However, they decided to stay in their new settlement in appreciation of the hill that had saved them. In their reckoning, there was nothing more they could ask for as a people, besides food and protection. While the hill offered the latter, the land around it offered the former. Thus they chose farming as their major occupation.

The land of Egunbe is very fertile for farming. The people’s farming activities made them to be one of the richest and powerful communities in Owe kingdom as at that time.

Within the hill, are caves in which people hid during the war and period of slave raiding. But the Obangogo hill offers much more than refuge. There are myths around the hill that makes it naturally attractive to knowledge seekers and tourists alike. One of it has it that a particular powerful king of the community named Elegha, the Ako Kereje died, and while being taken for burial, his coffin, on getting to the hill, turned into a big stone. The ‘stone’ is still there till date.

I also came across five mystical lake on the hill called ‘’Ako’’ which inspite of being stagnant, never run dry all year round. The serene environment of Obangogo hill also makes it a favourite for meditation and inspiration. It is also believed that the place is close to heaven, and thus, prayers made on the hill are all but assured of God’s attention and answers. There is a spring of water on the hill that never dries all year round. The spring served as the main source of water for the people long time ago, and while they have since discovered other sources of water, the spring is still very much alive. The people will tell you that the water from the hill has curative powers; it has healed them of countless sicknesses and disease for decades.

As a visitor, your fun is incomplete without climbing to the top of the hill. It is on your route that you come across pieces of rock in different shapes and sizes. However, it is not advisable to climb the hill during the rainy season as it often becomes slippery.

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