Interesting things about the glamorous city called Dubai

Hmmmm , indeed it was an amazing experience to say the least. So we arrived the Dubai International Airport just when it was dawn. The airport wasn’t so busy but had that standard that would make one really look forward to exploring.


Dubai is known to be one of the world’s premier destinations. Whilst Dubai is a busy, dynamic city, it also offers a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle, beautiful sandy beaches, sunny weather, a glittering array of shopping opportunities to the superb dining and top class sporting and of course other leisure activities.

There are certain attractions that tourists should not miss and we were given the opportunity to have this amazing experience by #DUBAITOURISMBOARD


On arrival, we were taken to our hotel.
When I say we, it was not only a time to have fun but also network with people who knows what it takes to analyse and talk about people ,places and experiences .We all came to experience the Dubai shopping festival and everything tourism in Dubai.


It was all about the Jumeirah Al Qasar. The beauty of the 5 star hotel is simply amazing with the adorned sculpted horses surrounding a fountain and the room spelt everything from the word *Relaxing*.

We got in right on time for breakfast and had so much to eat from.


After breakfast we met with our host from the hotel Mariana Sentano.
She took us on a tour round the hotel on a water taxi traditionally known as the “Abra” .The Abras are small barges which used to be rowing boats but are now powered by diesel engines. It was all about the history, the beautiful ambiance of the hotel and the different dining to choose from.

We made a stop at the Turtle Sanctuary. It was a great experience just watching the turtles.

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