Interview: Places I would like to visit -Makosi Musambasi

Two time Big Brother UK housemate, Makosi Musambasi, tells Explore Magazine in a comprehensive interview about inspirational destinations she loves to visit and beautiful fabrics…

Which country or location are you longing to visit?

I love traveling and I have been to most places I always dreamt of as a little girl. Having lived in England for fourteen years I guess I won’t put it on the list now but it’s a place I always wanted to visit. Another country I grew to love because of their food and their beautiful clothes is Nigeria.



I guess I had a taste of Nigeria years before I visited it and now that I’m between Abuja and Harare, Nigeria too comes of the list because it is like my second home.

Ghana is next, once upon a time our First Lady was from Ghana Sally Mugabe, she always looked lovely in her traditional dresses and the kente is a fabric design that clearly describes my personality, very colourful.

Kenya, I would love to visit because Barack Obama is from there. It’s now like a historical and inspirational destination for people all over the world. Their safari is amazing too.

Israel, because they are the chosen people; I would love to walk on the streets jesus walked on.

China, because it is fast becoming the most powerful nation in the world; I would like to understand the culture of a people that convinced the world to love their food…you can find a Chinese restaurant in every nation in the world.

Australia, because of the history of Aborigines and how once upon a time being shipped to Australia was once a jail term for criminals in England.

Russia– I would love to see what exactly is out there that would convince Naomi Campbell to move there.

France, to fall in love, definitely!

I grew to love (Nigeria) because of their

food and their beautiful clothes…  quote


What do you like about these places?

I’ve been on holidays with my parents, my friends, and my sisters but the most times I’ve enjoyed is when I go alone. I really get talking with locals and find adventure.


If you have to settle somewhere, where would be your ideal choice?

It’ll have to be in Africa because home is best, and home is also the source of distinction.  places

I think I can kick it in and have a fabulous life in any African country.


What will you buy if you visit these eight places?

Clothes and fabrics! I love the different fine clothing the world has to offer and I love playing around with different fabric, making beautiful things from them.

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