Top 10 interesting facts you never knew about Dubai

dubai pix

  1. Dubai is the city with the most rapid changes in the world.
  2. Dubai is building a 50,000,000 square foot climate-controlled indoor city from scratch. When completed, air conditioners will be everywhere, both in and outside house for the comfort of inhabitants/visitors.
  3. Wild animals are common sites in Dubai. You could see a tiger on a passenger car driving beside you.
  4. Dubai has over 900 finished high rise building, and the number is rapidly increasing.
  5. Despite being an oil-rich city, sales of oil constitute only 6% of Dubai’s economy. The local economy is, mainly based on real estate and tourism.
  6. Foreigners makeup about 85% of Dubai population. Most expats come from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh in search of well-paying jobs.
  7. In Dubai, robots take part in the multi-million dollar camel racing tournament. The price for camel racing ranges from 300 to 10,000 USD. Compared to people, they are lighter and more flexible.
  8. The Burj Al Arab uses enough gold inside to cover 46,265 Mona Lisa paintings.
  9. 16-39% of the famous Burj Al Arab hotel is uninhabitable and completely ‘wasted’ space. A night stay in a royal suit of the Burj Al Arab hotel is priced at 20,000 USD, an amount sufficient enough to visit several countries.
  10. In 1968, there were only 13 cars in Dubai. Today, the traffic in the city is so dense that they have to build double Decker roads to take the vehicles.

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