OLOJO FESTIVAL……tradition that holds Ile-ife to the cradle of the Yorubas.

The Olojo festival is a festival held in Ife, Osun state in Nigeria.

Olojo 2019 began on Saturday the 28th day of September. It is all about celebrating the creation of olodumarê.

On the day of the festival, the Ooni of Ife appears , after seven days of seclusion. The significance of the seclusion is to enable him commune with the ancestors and pray for his people.

The most important part of the traditional parade everyone looks out for, is when Kabiyesi, Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II wears the holy crown of oduduwa.

The Ooni appears in public with the Are crown which is the crown used by Oduduwa.Once this crown is worn, the sky opens with different colors if the rainbow. It’s such an amazing experience and it is done once a year.

Olojo has remained popular in Ile- Ife because of it’s myth and history.It connotes the day in the year which is specifically blessed by Olodumare , the creator of the Universe.

On this day , prayers are offered for peace and tranquility in the Yoruba land and Nigeria as a whole.

This year wasn’t different from the rest. So many people came from all over to be a part of this great day.

This is Olojo, a day when we celebrate our Ancestors, Culture and History….

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