The most densely inhabited Black Country in the world, Nigeria is one fascinating and irksome country, but this further lends to the adventures that can be experienced by an explorer visiting the country. Endowed with diverse cultures and landscape, Nigeria is also blessed with mouth-watering cuisine.

Anyone who wants to learn about the Nigerian culture, and their sense of taste, needs to savour Nigerian foods, because they are delicious and gives you an unforgettable culinary experience. The varieties of Nigerian food and diverse taste makes you come back for more, as they could serve you as a meal on the go, a snack or an appetizer, because you are stuck in either traffic or you suddenly, crave any of these foods.

Nigerian cuisine is a blend of spices and flavors. The list of foods and wine in Nigeria is endless, and the culinary style in the country varies from region to region, culture to culture and can be an excellent insight into a country’s diverse history and culture.

Wine is gradually becoming an important part of the Nigerian palate in addition to beer, spirits and malt drinks etc. The world of wine can be intimidating, from full-bodied red wines to crusty dry white wines. The options are truly endless!

However, when pairing certain foods with wine, there  are some important tips you should always remember. With aromas and flavors ranging from cherry to smoky, wines are very diverse and easy to match with like food pairings.

When pairing foods with wine, ensure that the wine is not weighed down by the flavors of the food, because when this occurs it can make the wine become tasteless. The pairing should allow the wine and the food to enhance the flavor of the other.

On the other hand, pairings on food and wine should complement each other. The flavors in each should be balanced by their contrasting elements. Rosé, White, and Sparkling wine make excellent choices for contrasting pairings. A sweet white wine paired with a spicy dish will allow the sugar in the wine to cool down and balance out the spiciness in the dish.

White wines pair well with fish because the acids in the wine enhance the taste of the fish, making it taste fresher. Just as lemon is squeezed over fish to enhance the taste, white wine taken with fish can have the same impact because of its acidity.

Some Nigerian foods are a must try for every food lover in Nigeria, however, the list of amazing Nigerian foods are endless but here are a few you should try out.


Perhaps nothing is synonymous with Nigerian food more than egusi soup and swallow. Egusi soup is made with ground melon (egusi) seeds and other Nigerian leafy vegetables, seasonings, and assorted meat. Egusi soup is served with dishes such as eba, amala, pounded yam (iyan), fufu, etc. it is almost always available in eateries and restaurants all over the country.

Jollof Rice        

The popular Nigerian jollof (naija jollof) is a must try for every food lover coming into Nigeria. A wholesome and classic Nigerian dish, Jollof rice is deeply rooted in Nigerian and many West African cuisines, and is primarily made from rice with tomato and pepper-based stew. Many families will make this dish using meat stock.


Suya is a popular Nigerian barbecued meat, fish or chicken sold by the roadside and junctions by Hausa men. You will always find Suya sellers at almost every street angle, and it is sold only at night as it is said to be very delicious only at night. It is sold in different forms, either on a stick or diced into pieces. Suya is eaten with onions, tomatoes, and other suitable veggies. Although it may have Northern Nigerian roots, this tasty grilled meat coated with ground chili pepper, peanut powder, and other local spices is considered one of the country’s most popular dishes and sold by Nigerian street food vendors.

Pepper soup

This is a light soup full of meat and local herbs and spices. Nigerian pepper soup can be made with goat meat, chicken, beef or fish, and sometimes combinations of meat can be used (assorted meat pepper soup). This sumptuous food is popular all over Nigeria and can be consumed as first course meal at social gatherings but also almost available at every restaurants and events. It is also one of the few Nigerian soups that stand out all the time. Most Nigerians take pair their pepper soup with a glass of fresh locally made palm wine.

As stated earlier, the list of amazing foods in Nigeria is endless but this should guide any food and wine lover in Nigeria into making the perfect choices as almost all of these meals can be found in any restaurants save the suya which is only sold at night.