The African culture is expressed in its Arts and crafts, folklore ,religion , music, clothing, food and languages and that’s what we’ve been promoting on every page of the  explore travel magazine.

If we look around these days, the westerners want to visit our communities for history and cultural interaction but we’re not promoting our culture as much as we should.

The first video happened when we went on a Farm trip to Gambia .The warmth from the people was absolutely amazing. I was practically pulled out to dance in both videos,to think i can’t even dance to save my life

Our environment is important to tourism and one way we can also keep sustainable tourism alive is by showcasing the  community and rural life. This way ,the local community and the tourists are being enriched .

 It was a beautiful way to interact with the locals and trust me, i had so much fun dancing .They had so much love to give…

Today, let’s be aware of the impact we make on our culture and environment