One of the executive actions President Joe Biden signed immediately after his inauguration was a proclamation rescinding the travel ban which barred nationals from 13 countries and since then, We’ve had a few people send us messages asking what the requirements are for applying for visa from Nigeria to the United States
First Question to ask yourself is
What your reason for traveling is. There are two most common Non-immigrant visas..B-1 visa for Business and B-2 visa for Tourism
These type of visas allow multiple entries over the course of validity and also allows the holder to stay in the United States for up to six months (180days) at a time.

Secondly, your Nigerian passport should be valid for at least six months beyond your date of return. Your passport must have at least two blank pages for entry stamps.

Previous passports for travel history(if this applies to you)

Barcoded DS-160 form confirmation page

Appointment confirmation page

Two colored photos that meet the US visa requirements

Application payment receipt

Proof of funds like work pay slips, bank statements, investments and assets

Supporting documents such as invitation letters, employment letter,travel itinerary and travel booking.

And of course,your visa fees . As at today, it is $160

-Complete the DS-160 form and submit visa application online through the US Department of State website.This is were you print out the barcoded page.

-Pay the non-refundable processing fee online or over the counter at the bank.
Remember to take the receipt with you to your interview
-Schedule an appointment

-Attend your appointment either at the US embassy in Abuja or the US consulate General office in Lagos with all your documents listed above.

-Once your visa is approved, your passport with the visa will be delivered to the pick up location you specified when your appointment was scheduled.

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