Nigeria, blessed with many beautiful, natural landscapes, makes it the ideal place to explore and hike around. The landscape of Nigeria is a hiker’s delight, because the various natural sites and tropical climate of Nigeria make it a destination for all kinds of hikes. Gradually, hiking has become a popular leisure activity among local tourists   and many are planning to join the hiking trail. Listed below are the best places to hike in the 36 states of Nigeria:


Abia state University Mountain, Uturu: Located in the famous Abia State University, Uturu, lies the magnificent Mountain. This mountain gives an extra advantage to the school as it has always attracted tourist from various parts of the country. In addition, students of this prestigious University have become hikers and mountain climbers, taking turns in climbing this mountain to relish the beautiful sight from the peak.


 Mandara Mountain: Mandara Mountain is the most popular mountain in Adamawa and one of the post popular hiking locations in the state. It lies in the northeastern part of the state along the Cameroon border making it an ideal place for hiking, rock and mountain climbing.

Koma Hills: Located on the mountainous environs bordering the Republic of Cameroon in the Jada LGA of Adamawa, the Koma hill, discovered in 1986 by a corps member is a beautiful place, perfect for nature lovers and adventure hikers.


Golf Course:  This is the Largest Golf course in West Africa, with spectacular views over the surrounding rain forest, stretching to the mountains of Cameroon, it has a mountain where you can view the whole city of Uyo from the top. It also has a dreamy feel at night, mostly because of the scene environment and the lights in the city shinning in the darkness through your eyes.


Ifite-Awka Hill:  Ifite-Awka Hill is a peak in Nigeria, situated southeast of Okpuno-Awka, which has an altitude of 140 metres. This hill is best for adventurous hikers who would love to get to the top of this hill.


Dumi Hills: Dumi is a beautiful settlement with many hills and a lake suitable for hiking and sightseeing. Due to the presence of many hills, the adventurer or hiker has to hike one hill at a time. On average, each hill takes 50 minutes hiking up to the top and view the magnificent sunset. You can also view some parts of Bauchi City from the top of these hills.


Oporama:  located in Southern Ijaw is an area that has a coastline on the Bight of Benin. This coast portrays an amazing site for adventurous tourists.


Ikyogen hill: Otherwiseknown as the Leiv Mountain is located in Mbabegh Ikyogen, Kwande local government area of Benue state. During the unrest in Cameroon, the hill served as a temporary camp for the Cameroonian refugees but after the camp was relocated, this tourist site never regained its lost glory. Locals who live around however still find hiking on Leiv Mountain recreational as it is a perfect location for exploring and adventurous hiking for indigenes and tourists.


The Gwoza Hills: With height of about 1300 meters above the sea level, this hill provides beautiful scenery made up of ranges of mountains/hills known as the ‘Mandara Mountains’. The paths along Gwoza dugi vicinity is conducive for mountaineering, trekking and picnicking because it has several streams, ponds, springs and is dotted with settlement by various tribes. This mountain has varieties of attractive animals, which can be spotted all day including nights for night breeding species.


Cross-River Falls: Cross River Falls is located on Minnesota’s North Shore just south (west) of Temperance River State Park. The upper part of the falls is easily seen from the bridge. At the entrance of the river, you will find Father Baraga’s Cross. The wooden cross was later replaced by the granite one that stands there now.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River: Obudu is another location that excellently caters to the desires of adventurous hikers, the Obudu experience is an exciting road trip for certain travelers. It is a six-hour drive from Calabar City to Obanliku where the resort is situated. At the resort, you can get involved in intriguing cable car rides, hiking, swimming, horse riding, and engagement with the outdoors. There are also the options of extending your journey to the Agbokim Waterfalls and the Afi Forest Reserve three hours away from the resort.


Niger Bridge: The Niger Bridge connecting Delta State to the Eastern part of Nigeria is a beauty to behold. It was completed in 1965 and cost £5 million. It was damaged during the civil war, but later repaired.

The River Ethiope: The River Ethiope, which is presumed to be the deepest inland waterway in Africa, having its source at the foot of a giant silk-cotton tree at Umuaja in Ukwuani Local Government Area of the state and flows through seven Local Government Areas in the State.


Somorika Hill: Listed as one of the  Seven Wonders of the World, lies the city on seven hills. The sun is said to rise and set on the city, viewing from the seventh hill, the cloud seems to form a kind of covering over the community. Indeed, looking at the city with a zoom lens, one is also reminded of the finger of an unseen master-artist at work. The journey to Somorika is a daring and interesting one for hikers. It is situated east in Akoko-Edo Local Government Area of Edo State.


Olosunta and Orole hills of Ikere: These two hills located at Northern and southern parts of the town respectively are both steep-sided hills. These are good locations for hikers and tourists to visit and see what God has done for the State of Honour, Fountain of Knowledge. There are deities in charge of these two hills. They are believed to be responsible for the wellbeing of the town.

Ikogosi, Ekiti: Ikogosi Warm Springs is nature in one of its finest manifestation, a magnificent spring bounded by hills and inviting plantations, which features clear skies and a wholesome river. It gives you a sight pleasantly different  that you never imagined existed within Nigeria. A planet that maintains its attractive magnificence all year round, the visit to Ikogosi Warm Spring is made even more delightful by the state-of-the-art resort situated around the spring.


Udi hills (Ugwueme/Ndi Hills): Udi hill is also referred to as the Ugwueme and Udi hills known to rise hundreds of metres above sea level. The Ugwueme and Udi Hills are hills about hundreds of metres above sea level, these hills are good for mountaineering and countryside admiration points. Underneath the Udi hills are the coal mines, so either you are climbing the hill or exploring the mine tunnels, the Udi experience is such a beautiful one you are not likely to forget in a hurry.


Kilang: There are about 24 named Mountains in Gombe, but Tangale peak or Kilang as it is called in the local language is the most prominent and highest among the hills. Kilang hill stands out as soon as you enter the Kaltungo local government area and is 1300m above sea level and about 8 km southwest of Kaltungo, in southern Bauchi State, northeastern Nigeria.


Rolling Hills, Okigwe: The rolling hills of Okigwe, located at Awo-Omama the northeastern part of IMO State the Eastern Heartland,  is a good Place for hiking and tourist attractions, a place where nature calls and the tranquility of God’s creation is obvious.

Here,  hills of varying heights and ruggedness add to the captivating environment. The hills, which comprise a series of hills that expand from Ihube to Okigwe town into the northern border, provide a great site for hiking, camping and picnicking.


Dutsen Mamaki, Jigawa: An enormous and unique arrangement of granites in hexagonal blocks at the peak of this hill is thought provoking and something that leaves you with a mystery to unravel during your hiking trip. Dutsen Mamaki is a Hausa phrase for ‘mysterious rock’, with the intense sun of Northeastern Nigeria, getting to the top of the hill requires lots of courage and endurance.


Kagoro Hills: The Kagoro Hills is situated at an altitude of about 1,246 meters above sea level and its scene is one of the most picturesque natural attractions in Kaduna State. It forms a array with big trees and rocky places at the base. The hill has notably influenced the weather of the area making the area to enjoy nice clement climate.

Matsirga Waterfalls, Kaduna: Adventurous hikers who have been to this fall can speak earnestly of the magic witnessed when you approach it. Matsirga falls in a loud, powerful rush to the base 30 meters below it, amid a show of sunlight, transitory rainbows, and sometimes even unexplained smoke eruption. An umbrella shaped cave exists at the bank of the river where the falling water forms, where visitors can take shelter and watch Matsirga continue to perform its wonder.