When you choose a destination wedding, there are many people involved whose job it is to make your day as memorable as it can be. The two people who will be the most important are your travel agent and your wedding planner. But what’s the difference;

A travel agent and a wedding planner are both important people to rely on when planning your destination wedding.

Having a beautiful destination wedding means that a lot of moving parts need to fall into place. Sometimes couples think that their wedding planner can handle it all, and while they do play a very important role, they don’t do everything. Working with a qualified travel agent is the best way to ensure your big day goes off without a hitch.

 A travel agent works for you. Your wedding planner works for the resort where your wedding will be held.Your travel agent will work with you to find the perfect destination wedding and venue for your wedding.

Remember, your travel agent knows the destination wedding world, and can recommend places with the best wedding planners and staff.

The travel agent will be able to tell you and all your guests about legalities for your destination wedding, like your marriage license and if a visa is required to enter the country.

Destination weddings comes with so much stress if proper planning is not put in place.