Group tours come in all shapes and sizes and it is geared towards students, luxury travelers, adventurous spirits, those over the age of 65, the list goes on. 

It is usually led by one or more directors. Tours are a great way to experience a new destination. Along with the guide ,who is an invaluable resource even for the most experienced travelers.

Group travel usually includes other perks like completely pre-planned itineraries, all-inclusive prices for flights, hotels, meals, and cultural experiences, and endless opportunities to socialize with your tour group. 

However, the perks that make group travel great are also some of its biggest drawbacks.

As a member of a tour group, you usually won’t get to choose what you do, where you stay, or what you eat…not to mention you’re basically stuck with your group for the majority of your visit.

A few tips to follow when you embark on such a trip are:
*Pack Lightly
*Be Patient ..Be Open minded
*Be Flexible
*Assign Responsibilities
and most importantly,get to know others

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