There are different reasons why a Nigerian would seek to do a name change on their International passport and It could be for one of these reasons:
🧳Marriage| Divorce|Religion| Adoption

There are also some limiting factors on how the change would affect their official records such as – school documents,bank ID’s.
These are the required documents:
📥Application letter to the Comptroller General of the immigration service.
📥An affidavit from a magistrate or high court of a change of name deposed by the applicant.
📥Copy of newspaper publication of change of name (the paper should be at least 21 days old).
📥Evidence of maiden names.
📥Statutory proof of change of name for Nigerians based abroad in place of 1 and 2
📥Passport booklet and copy of the data page of the passport.
📥Acknowledgement slip and evidence of the change of name fee payment
📥Proof of reason of change – marriage dissolution is required for a divorce case, marriage certificate for newlywed, for widows, a death certificate can be obtained from the National Population Commission.

Name change in Nigeria can either be done physically at the nearest immigration office or online through their website.

If applying in person, you are expected to:
1.Visit any Nigerian immigration office of your choice across the country.
2.Applyin writing to the Comptroller General of the Nigerian immigration service for a name change.
3.Attach to your application a reason for your name change.
4.Attach the affidavit of change of name from a competent court.
5.Attach an identification card already in use bearing your new name.
6.Make payment online
7.submit the current original passport and apply for a reissuance of a new passport.
Attach two recent passport size photographs after approval. online for the standard 64-page Nigerian e-passport.The booklet includes bank charges, passport booklet fee and address verification fee.
9.Go for data capturing which include – image acquisition, thumbprint and electronic signature.