Ever thought of taking that much needed break from the hustle and bustle of work but your budget won’t allow you have the luxurious holiday you’ve always dreamed of .

Imagine that staycation at a great bed and breakfast or a hotel with amazing views in a friendly and trendy neighborhood or at an exotic island – all these are possible without breaking into a bank.

Luxury vacations are not always as expensive as the term “luxury” implies. A luxurious holiday isn’t just about the destination but the experience of where you stay. Every individual have their definition of luxury, ultimately, it comes down to your comfortability at an affordable price.

To ensure you have that much needed luxury break, we’ve come up with tips to enjoying a luxury holiday on a budget. You can get a luxury experience for far less by implementing some of these tips while you plan your next vacation and finding your own definition of luxury travel.• Visit during the off season:

  There are peak seasons in which the location of your choice is in high demand and as such are expensive. To cut costs for a luxury trip is to look for season breaks to book cheap flights. This will save cost, money saved can go towards accommodation. During this season, it’s not too crowded and prices for accommodation is reduced.

*Quality over Quantity

Reduce the time rather than the quality of your stay. Stay somewhere great for a short while. No use staying in a cheap and uncomfortable place for longer nights. • Travel to unpopular locations with similar experience

The most popular travel destinations are popular – and expensive – for good reason. You can have similar experience in other locations without having to take a plane halfway across the world. Interestingly, there are emerging places that are yet to be discovered that offer same experience at cheap prices.  

* Keep an eye out for sales

   Learn about exclusive sales. Add yourself to the mailing list and Newsletters of an airline, travel blog, travel agency and travel magazines .Be among the first to know about their exclusive sales. A good bargain makes for a completely enjoyable holiday.

*Promotional Periods

Travel agencies, Airlines all have promotional period set aside for their clients benefits. During the promotional period, prices are slashed, travelers can get free upgrades, value ads like complimentary drink packages as well as fare discount.

Luxury travel is not reserved for the rich and famous, with the use of the above tips, you get to travel on a budget and enjoy the luxurious holiday of your dream.