Sometimes, we desire to retreat, away from the daily hustle and bustle of life, away from the screams of children, away from the workload at the office.

Whether you are looking for a quick solo escape in the heart of a major city or you are in search of a transcendental self-discovery journey or you are simply looking for a calm beach to disconnect and reconnect, these retreats are so important for rejuvenation

This is because they help you rediscover your spark mentally and physically, clear your head, and re-center yourself.  The best thing about seeking your health bliss is that the journey is completely customizable to your heart’s desire.

Some of the most popular Health and wellness centers include:

  1. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort, Florida

This is the largest spa and wellness facility on the East Coast; it is a 70,000 square foot spa, located in the heart of Miami’s North Beach.

This spa is a perfect place for mindfullness and meditation as guest has the opportunity to participate in various activities such as yoga, dance, and spinning.

Inside the spa, the resort’s Thermal Hydrotherapy Circuit includes multi-sensory rain showers, Finnish sauna, purifying herbal laconism, a crystal steam room, a foot spa, and Miami’s only igloo.

Guests have access to various treatments ranging from traditional massage and beauty therapies, to more unique offerings like IV Therapy, salt float therapy, skin toning, acupuncture, and Oriental herbal medicine.

  1. Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort

This resort, located in the province of Guanacaste in the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica and specifically designed with nature in mind via the creatively designed center, which leaves the jungle around it as close to untouched as possible focuses on connecting individuals with the earth and being as environmentally-friendly as possible to preserve the jungle’s natural state.

The Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort has an authentic charm that helps you relax and meditate for as long as you wish. In addition, you can enjoy spa treatments, yoga classes, and Spanish lessons at this unique retreat center.

  1. Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Mexico

If your idea of wellness is meditating in a villa with a private infinity pool, then Banyan Tree Mayakoba, in Mexico, is a perfect option for you.

This is because this five-star wellness center features top-notch hospitality as well as a renowned spa with a collection of hydrothermal facilities.

In addition, the surrounding of this center is filled with twinkle lit rivers and a reflection pool which is prime for mindfulness and relaxation.  In this wellness center, you will meet your goals of unwinding and relaxing.

  1. Tea Huntress Ritual and Renewal Retreat

This unique retreat center leads you through healing botanical tea ceremonies, which involves a meditative practice that acts as pillars, guiding the doorway of the adventure.

 This retreat is set in two Icelandic luxury boutique hotels in order to maintain a balance of urban vigor in the city center of Reykjavik and countryside leisure set in Thingvellir National Park.

This is an unusual but unique center for unwinding, therefore you need to get ready for the ritual ceremony, there is also an organic local greenhouse for lunch, and the center boasts of some of the most sublime sights in the world like the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon.

  1. Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

This center is located not too far from Switzerland’s border with Austria. It is a multi-hotel health resort complex clustered around the restorative thermal waters of the Tamina Gorge.

This wellness center popularly known as “Europe’s Leading Wellbeing & Medical Health Resort,” offers a range of relaxing available in the Tamina Therme spa, as well as a renowned Medical Health Center, the Swiss Olympic Medical Center, an inpatient rehabilitation clinic, and even a charming Heidi-themed family spa created with children in mind.

Other features of this wellness center include two golf courses, a casino, a sculpture garden, a Michelin-starred restaurant, a palatial kids’ club, and activities like biking, hiking, and wine tasting nearby.

  1. High Hampton Resort, North Carolina

Take some time and unwind at this rustic center overlooking a private lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.  This is a place where you can easily escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as activities such as hiking, golfing, tennis, swimming, paddle boarding, and croquet help guests to unwind from the daily bustle of life.

  1. Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

The Sha Wellness Clinic, located in Alicante, Spain, is operational, offering various programs, which covers detox, healthy aging, and rebalancing, in part through its very own Healthy Living Academy.

The setting could hardly be more stunning, located on the Mediterranean shores and close to gorgeous villages like Altea.

  1. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

The Castle Hot Springs wellness center is Arizona’s historic 32-room, which is famous for its healing 120 F. spring waters specially made for recovering and rejuvenating.

In addition, you can enjoy activities and treatments such as hiking, horseback riding, archery, gardening, meditation, pickle ball, stargazing, and al fresco mineral massage, as well as a much-needed digital detox.

  1. YO1 Wellness Catskills, New York

The word “Yovan” means youthful, and YO1 Wellness resort in the Catskills, New York, seeks to help attain eternal youth through mind, body and spirit rejuvenation.

With over 1,300 acres, the wellness resort features the guidance of expert practitioners, with customized, holistic treatments including Yoga, Acupuncture, Naturopathy, and Mindful meditation, as well as extensive walking trails in the peaceful mountains.

During your stay in this wellness resort, you would be served with organic meals with “conscious cuisine” designed to detox and nourish your body system, as well as a juice bar and tea cafe.

The resort also boasts a 68,000 square foot Wellness Center, a 5,000 square foot indoor pool, Jacuzzis, and a 24-hour fitness center.