scenic view of Toroweap overlook at sunrise in north rim, grand canyon national park,Arizona,usa.

Watching the sunrise is definitely one of the best things in the world, the feeling you get is ecstatic from hues of yellowish-orange to the pinkish-purple sky, the shades of the sun in the sky always amazes us with an unmatched beauty in the world. The beauty of sunrise changes every day and creates a unique sight, though in the same place.

Whether it is the warm red colors, the dancing shadows, or the soft light, something always makes people across the world want to do things, from taking photos with loved ones to a pure moment of self-reflection.

Inasmuch as catching a glimpse of sunrise can be done from various parts of the world, some places are uniquely famous for their sunrise view that they inspire entire journeys and attract record numbers of tourists.


At dawn, Africa awakens, the skies begin to reveal the beauty of the Zimbabwean plains around, first the silhouette of an acacia tree appears on the horizon then the sky glows purple and orange and the grass on the savannah turns a burnt gold.

A sunrise expedition in Zimbabwe means big cats, where the lions stalk their prey, or crouch in the long grass, scanning their surroundings, and then the cheetahs gather around dirt mounds, cautious and alert. The elephants appear from out of the foggy dawn, huge herds wandering in single-file across the plains, their feet raising clouds of dust that blend with the day’s first light.

The amazing thing about observing the magnificent sunrise from here is that you get to see things you never thought you’d have the chance to see, as nothing can be compared to that skin-tingling moment when the wild comes to life.


 Greece’s most beautiful island, Santorini is a mix of gigantic black cliffs, dark blue waters and whitewashed villages. This island inspires every visitor because of its magnificent landscapes with blue domes and churches on the edge on volcanic cliffs, all set against the backdrop of the beautiful sparkling waters. The romantic village of Oia built up on top of Santorini’s rust-red cliffs, is the best vantage point to watch the sunrise in the Mediterranean Sea. This breathtaking experience attracts huge crowds with a camera to capture a scene so drenched in colour it needs no Photo shopping.


Unarguably, Peru’s greatest attraction is the mist-shrouded castle of Machu Picchu, which was discovered in 1911 and is used by the Incas as a secret ceremonial city. No matter how many times you have seen a photograph of the iconic Inca ruins, there will always be a tingling feeling you get that leaves you in awe that this magical place elicits in its Andes Mountain setting. In addition, there is no better way to start your day at this iconic where the sunrises over the surrounding mountain peaks as its first rays of soft light hit and illuminate the world-famous ruins.


Grand Canyon National Park is one of the USA’s most popular tourist destinations, adorned with unique combinations of geologic color and forms carved by the Colorado River decorate the canyon that is 277 river miles long.   The Grand Canyon’s unique magnificence is emphasized at sunrise, when the fiery color palette of the canyon changes as glittery light dances across giant rock cliffs, shadows enclose entire gorges, and the walls blaze orange, rust, and red. The most striking sunrises in the United States occur every day across the Grand Canyon as cool purple melt into shade of bronze and orange against the awe-stirring landscape.

 There isn’t a best place to observe the sunrise in the Grand Canyon, but Maricopa, Hopi, and Mather points, and along the South Rimgives one of the bestviews and are recommended highly by experienced travelers.

scenic view of Toroweap overlook at sunrise in north rim, grand canyon national park,Arizona,usa.


The Maldives is portrayed to the world as “The sunny side of life” because it is a place to enjoy the bright sunshine, cool sea breezes and white sands. The Maldives has become an ecstasy for honeymooners, sun worshipers, or scuba divers.

Located on the equator towards the south of India, the Maldives portray coral tips of an oceanic volcanic mountain range whose outer border at some points sinks to depths of over 3 km (10,000 ft).

The stunningly beautiful islands surrounded by the ocean are usually warm in the mornings, while the nights are relatively cooler.  The Maldives covers spectacular beaches in the world, clear blue lagoons, incredible underwater wildlife, luxury resorts that are built over water, and the planet’s most breathtaking, tropical sunrises & sunsets. This is unarguably one of the best places to observe the sunrise.


Witnessing the sunrise over Australia’s gigantic sandstone formations is an awe-inspiring experience and a ‘must do’ on every tourist list.  The evident color changes result from the effects of the earth’s atmosphere on the sun’s incoming rays.

The ash, dust particles and water vapor present in the atmosphere act as a filter, which can remove the bluer light from the incoming rays of the sun, allowing the redder light through at different times of day. Reflections from the rock and clouds in the sky enhance the vivid colors.

Meanwhile, for a quintessential Australian sunrise complete with kangaroos and wallabies, ensure you head to Cape Hillsborough National Park in Australia where the rainforest meets the ocean, while at Casuarina Beach, the sun will be showing off- charging the sky into electric hues of orange and purple. Down on the ground, kangaroos will appear to greet the morning tide and feast on a breakfast of mangrove seedpods and seaweed.