Traveling with kids doesn’t come with all the fun experiences alone. It can also be rather stressful as well.

To ensure you have a stress free travel with your kids, you have to make plans for worst-case scenarios as well as plan ahead to ensure you have everything you’d need to keep the kids entertained.

  1. Plan some kid-friendly activities while travelling with kids. Like I’ll always say, you don’t want to visit a place you know nothing about. Do a research about the place you’re visiting.
  2. Ensure the kids take a travel journal. This would keep them busy and also add some fun to their travel. The travel journal helps them document their stay and their experiences the best way they can.
    This is one way not only to travel stress free but to also help the kids have long lasting memories.
  3. Pack some travel activities to keep them entertained.
    Kids get easily bored and the moment they run out of things to do , they begin to get cranky. These days most fun activities for kids are online and the moment there’s a downtime, it begins to get very frustrating. It’s always best to think about activities that are safe and can entertain the kids.
  4. Always remember to decompress ears. Flying with kids can cause pain in their ears during take off and landing, so always remember to bring remedies that can help with decompressing your kids’ ears. There are a few options that work well for families who travel with kids and these include pacifiers for younger kids . The younger kids can suck their pacifiers while chewing gum to chew can be given to older kids during take off and landing. The sucking on a pacifier or chewing will keep your kids’ ears from being painful during the change in altitude.
  5. Make flight plans kid- friendly.
    There are different ways to make this work.Ensure the layover is convenient, so that the kids can find time to relax before the next flight or connecting flight.
  6. Ensure they keep warm
    Not dressing the kids properly for the weather can make them uncomfortable especially if they have a connecting flight.I remember when I travelled sometime ago,It was so chilly at the airport and I didn’t have the appropriate clothing for the weather.If I felt so cold as an adult, how will a child feel in such a condition. It was a horrible experience I won’t forget it in a hurry.

Travelling with kids is a beautiful way to spend quality time together, experience new things, and make long-lasting memories .As parents, make sure you prepare ahead of time to ensure these memories are stress-free, filled with fun and memorable times together as a family.

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