Remember the first time you heard you will be on an 18 hour flight? Like, how do you stay on a plane that long, without eventually going numb or falling ill? Sometimes, these trips are absolutely necessary, and there are no stops or change of flights.

When the trip begins, you feel strong and confident, until 6 hours into it, and everything begins to irritate you. We have all been there.

Below, you will learn how to prepare and survive the process.

Pre-travel arrangement

The first thing to do is ascertain how long it will take you to arrive at your destination and begin a mental preparation. We always advise that you do a proper medical examination of yourself to ensure you are fit for these kinds of trips.

Take a cue from previous trips you have had. Document body anomalies, phobias, allergies you might possibly have, in order to curb it to its barest minimum.

Finally, ensure you get all your travel essentials ready before time. This takes away all forms of anxiety and fatigue that sorting out flight emergencies might give you. It gives your body ample time to prepare for the trip itself. You also get to pick the seat of your choice, to make your travel experience quite enjoyable.

Travel arrangement

Let’s have the outfit talk first of all! The more comfortable you feel in your clothes, the more comfortable you will be throughout the flight. So here is the deal. Pick out the most comfortable clothes to wear. You can add socks and a scarf for ladies. As much as possible, don’t wear makeup.

As a part of your outfit, ensure you only take with you the smallest of your bags as hand luggage if you must. We completely understand that some things might come in handy during the trip and you will need a bag. Ensure that it is as portable as possible, it can become quite frustrating when you have no place or space to set it.

You can begin your flight with some mental work or creative writing. You do this by simply penning down ideas and inspiration that comes to you. At this point, your mind is fresh, and creativity might be at its peak. It is fine if it doesn’t come, don’t stress it but if it does, take advantage of it.

As you proceed on the trip, other fun things to do include;

· Binging or catching up on your favorite shows

· Watching movies
· Listening to music or podcasts
· Taking pictures of your view and sights
· Reading a book
· Playing games
· Making new friends and Networking
· Going online and unsubscribing to email lists
· Editing your pictures

Please note that for podcasts and songs, you might have to download them before you begin your trip.

When all else fails, try sleeping!

Having trouble sleeping?

Engage in habits you practice during your bed time. It could be reading a novel, going to the bathroom, prayers, or anything that gives that same feeling. This tricks your mind to believing it is bed time, and successfully induces you to sleep.

Here you have it! These are guides to surviving your long flights, and can be applicable to other means of transportation. Truth remains that time flies when you are having fun.

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