There are generally two kinds of travelers. The first are those who plan way ahead before any trip. They have all of their travel items neatly arranged, and with this, it is almost impossible to miss or forget anything. There are others who only pack and travel the night or few hours before the trip. Whatever category you fall into, this serves as a guide so you are never stranded as to what you need for your trip no matter how much you find it difficult to prepare for a trip. Our favorite place to start is to determine where everything goes into, It could be a bag or suitcase. Make a mental note of how long you will stay, what kind of trip it is and your primary means of transportation. This comes before anything else. For your immediate needs, take a handy mini bag and keep it close, this is where all of your travel essentials go into, and they include: · Passport and traveling documents: For flights, this will include your plane ticket, passport and visa, among other things. Your passport is used to verify your country of citizenship, and to gain entry into your country of citizenship. It is one of the most important essentials you need to travel. For other means of transportation, find out what is required, and ensure you have them handy. . Money: It could be foreign cash, local currencies,Credit or Debit cards and ATM cards. · Water bottle and light refreshments: It is also great to have some snacks and water handy just in case you get hungry in between meals, or for any reason, you are unable to eat what you are being served. · Portable charger: Especially if your phone is going to be instrumental in your enjoyment of your flight, you need to come along with a charger to keep it on at all times. · Toiletries: For both long and short trips, you should be concerned with feeling fresh, so get your mini toothbrush with built in paste, disinfecting wipes, lip balm, a pair of extra underwear and socks, and other toiletries.

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